Simple But Fashionable Kaftan Dresses

Summer is finally here and what better way to welcome the heat than donning a billowy ethnic kaftan dress? There’s definitely something magical about kaftan dresses. In fact, you’ll find a lot of Hollywood celebrities wearing stylish kaftans, whether they are at the beach, going shopping, or even on the red carpet! Famous actresses and fashion icons Blake Lively and Cate Blanchet have recently been photographed wearing stylish kaftans at a famous red carpet event.

If you want to wear a kaftan dress, yet you do not want to appear very showy and end up getting a lot of attention, then you better opt for a simple but fashionable kaftan dress.

All About Kaftan Dresses

Kaftans are loose garment that resembles a robe and is usually ankle length. It often comes with long and flowing sleeves. Traditionally, kaftans are worn by men from the Middle East and consist of long robes buttoned up in the front. These dresses are either made of silk and cotton. In the recent years, kaftans have become a favourite piece of beachwear among chic and fashionable women who want to cover-up while frolicking at the beach.

Nowadays, kaftan dresses are available in different styles and designs and they’re no longer just for beachwear. Depending on the style that you will go for, the dresses can be worn for both casual and formal occasions. What’s great about the kaftan is that women of all shapes and sizes can wear it. In fact, it’s a great way to hide those flabs away!

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How to Look Stylish in a Kaftan Dress

Long sleeved kaftan dresses that have low V-neck are a great choice for women with bigger bust since the dress can help to make you look incredibly flattering. If you fancy a Boho-chic fashion style, wear a leather belt to cinch your kaftan. It also helps to make your waist look tiny. To complete the look, wear a pair of chic leather sandals, wide-brimmed hat and don a pair of large designer shades!

For a more formal occasion, a simple but fashionable kaftan dress would be perfect. There are simple kaftan dresses that are made from luxurious fabric like silk that look fabulous when worn at evening parties and other formal events. You can look even more seductive if you will wear those that are made from layers of sheer fabric. When wearing kaftans on formal occasions, don’t forget to wear statement jewellery pieces or a pair of elegant heels. If you want to highlight your curves, wear it with a silver or gold belt.

Kaftans on the Beach

Generally, kaftans are worn as cover-ups on the beach. Kaftan dresses made from light and breezy fabric are a great way to accessorize your swimwear. And since the dress is not a fitted garment, it can also help you to stay cool while lounging on the shore during those hot summer days.But make sure you check if the beach is safe for a swim(Beach Safety Yarra).

If you want to wear your kaftans in the beach, you better get something that’s made from natural fabric, like organic cotton. These fabrics allow your skin to breathe, thus, making you feel cooler despite the warm weather. Pair your kaftan with stylish sandals and don designer shades. Of course, don’t forget to wear a fedora as protection from the sun.

Simple and Fashionable Kaftan Tops and Tunics

Kaftans are not only available in dresses. You can get them as tops, too! Also known as tunics, these colourful kaftan tops are great for casual wear. If you’re heading to the beach, you can wear it over your swimwear or with shorts. They are available in different colours and designs, too.

If you plan to wear the kaftan tops in winter, better opt for something that’s made from thicker and warmer material. You can wear it with a pair of jeans and leather boots. On the other hand, if you plan on wearing the top in summer, then you should settle for the lighter fabric such as cotton or silk. Wear it with your shorts or swimsuits and choose something that matches with the colour and the style of your shorts or swimsuits. Don’t forget to accessorize by wearing beaded jewellery and a pair of chic sandals.

Where to Find the Most Fashionable Kaftans

Kaftans are great garments to invest for your wardrobe. These dresses are on trend regardless of the season so you can wear them anytime you want to. In Australia, there are lots of online stores that sell simple and fashionable kaftan dresses, here are some of them.

  • Kaftan Queen – this online store sells a wide variety of stylish kaftan, with an emphasis on luxurious fabrics, ranging from pure silk and the finest cotton material. The dresses are designed for utmost comfort while also maintaining exquisite style and sensual silhouettes. Most of the kaftans are of simple but fashionable design and some designs feature intricate embellishments.
  • Embellished Kaftans – this brand offers the fashionable women of Australia with a wide range of versatile kaftan dresses suitable to different lifestyles. Made from the most luxurious and skin friendly fabric, these kaftan dresses are sourced exclusively to suit the Australian climate.
  • Blue Bungalow – this online store sells a wide range of fashionable clothing and they have a great collection of kaftans, from tunics to a full dress. Their kaftans are simple yet very fashionable and you can choose from plain and colourful designs. Aside from kaftans, Blue Bungalow also sells beach accessories and stylish swimwear that can go well with your kaftan dress or top. Aside from selling online, they also have a store in Newstead Brisbane.

Aside from shopping at these online stores, another exciting way to get a great kaftan at an affordable price is when you’re traveling to exotic places like Southeast Asia, Middle East and North Africa. Simply show up at the local bazaars and you’ll surely find a wide range of stylish kaftans at very affordable prices. If you haggle well, you can even get them at almost half the price!

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