The Best Ear Phones for Running

Running while listening to music is a great feeling. According to research, music makes you run better. But, the only problem that comes from this blissful affair is your earphones falling out during running.

But, thanks to the advancement in technology, earphones have been making radical improvements and innovations in the past few years and there are many manufacturers that are continuously looking for ways to transform these improvements into the best running earphones in the market.

Modern wireless earphones will allow you to run and jog without having to worry about tripping on your earphones. A great wireless earphone will not only use modern technology but will also be fixed with new ways to boost battery life so that you don’t have to worry about draining your charge half-way while you jog. A few online stores like Audio Trends give great prices on wireless bluetooth headphones.

There are several exceptional companies that are competing for the coveted spot of the best earphones for running, and it is difficult to discern which one is the best. Hence, you can read some compiled earphones that are best for running and decide for yourself as per your choice.

V-Moda Forza Metallo Wireless

There are several neck-band earphones in the market today, but V-Moda’s Forza Metallo Wireless is worth checking out if you are looking for the best sound quality, along with a comfortable and secure fit Bluetooth earphone. Priced at $170, it is an expensive earphone but way more superior than BeatsX and other wireless sets.

With the wired version of V-Moda’s earphones, it is extremely easy to secure a good fit using the company’s patented sports fins and included ear tips. They keep the earphones snugged in your ear and seal out a lot of ambient and disturbing noises from the outside.

As for the wireless version, the Lithium-ion ultrafast charging battery life extends up to 10 hours of extensive use and also works well for making phone calls. The battery is stored in the module that sits behind your neck. The earphones are sweat-resistant, so you can jog and sweat for long hours without having to worry about the earphones too much.


  • In-built excellent sound system
  • Great battery life that runs up to 10 hours
  • Comfortable to wear


  • Cords can be a bit too long
  • The noise-cancellation feature may prevent you from hearing oncoming traffic while biking or running
  • Mids are very slender

Bose SoundSport Free

The Bose SoundSport Free is marketed as a true sports earphone and has some major advantages over Apple’s Airpods. As we know, Apple Airpods have been dominating the wireless earphone market ever since they released, but these are very costly. They are one of the best zero-wire earphones that have come out with a price range of $200 (AUD $300).

For starters, there are several reviews that state Apple’s Airpods do not stay snug in your ears while jogging. Bose’s buds secure a better fit and do not fall off during running. In case you lose the two buds, you can download the Bose Connect App where the ‘Find My Buds’ feature will help you locate the missing pieces.

The Bose SoundSport Free is equipped with Bose’s StayHear+Sport Tips, just like the wireless system. These buds seal out a good amount of outside noise and deliver excellent sound quality without compromising and jamming the tips of your ear. The control buttons, like the volume buttons, are all integrated into the buds instead of an inline remote.

The Bose SoundSport Free is way cheaper than Apple’s Airpods. These wonderful buds cost about $159 (AUD $229) and provide richer sound and better bass. Because of the large buds, Bose has equipped them with matching-size batteries that can make the earphones run for approximately 10 hours in one go. The buds are also sweat-resistant and built sturdily.


  • Sweat and water-resistant
  • 30-foot Bluetooth connectivity range
  • ‘Find my Bud’ app for locating misplaced buds
  • Light-weight
  • Magnetic charging system


  • Earbuds are relatively large and stick out awkwardly of the ear
  • Cheaper than Airpods, but costlier than other earphone buds
  • Lack of noise cancellation

Anker SoundBuds Slim

Known primarily for manufacturing a host of mobile accessories, Anker managed to make SoundBuds Slim earbuds that can be bought for mere $30 (AUD $70) via online stores. These buds have an elegance to them and are built sturdily with metal housings.

The Anker SoundBuds Slim are sweat resistant and packed along a carrying pouch. The battery life runs up to seven hours at a moderate volume level. They fit well and work with minimal hiccups. These earbuds come with four different ear tips, which are made of silicon and three-sport hooks of different sizes that help you lock the earbuds when jogging or running. These hooks and ear tips allow you to get a tight and secured seal, thereby maximizing the sound quality.

For a low price, Anker SoundBuds deliver a good sound quality. The USB charging point is in the inline remote and the buds are magnetized, hence you can wear them like a necklace when you are not using them. If you are going for cheap and decent earphones for jogging, then the Anker SoundBuds Slim is a good option.


  • Many earpieces are included in the box, so you can choose which fits you better
  • It does not fall out of your ear
  • The noise cancellation feature is decent, considering the price range
  • Charges quickly


  • Bluetooth connection is not always great
  • The cord may be short for some people

Jabra Elite Sport

This earphone is the upgraded version of the original Elite Sport and has an inbuilt heart monitor. It costs about $250 (AUD $329) and comes in black, grey, and lime green colours. The new battery comes with a 4.5 hour backup (unlike the previous model’s 3 hours).

The company has also made several software enhancements that now allow you to personalize your sound settings and profiles with the new internal equalizer. The buds are water and sweat-proof. They work quite well as a headset for making calls, thanks to their noise reduction technology, which analyzes the background noise, according to Jabra.

You can use Jabra’s fitness app to give you in-ear feedback and coaching. If not, you can also use other apps, like Strava, Runstastic, Map My Fitness, RunKeeper, Endomondo, etc. The heart-rate sensor picks up your heart rate through your ear and gives you a close-to-accurate reading.


  • Fitted with integrated media playback controls
  • Compatible with its own fitness apps as well as third-party apps
  • Delivers full charge in a small amount of time


  • Expensive compared to other wireless earbuds
  • Might be a bit bulky, thanks to its size

Bottom Line

Earbuds are very important. They can help you perform and work out better if you listen to music on-the-go. But, you need to research thoroughly and weigh the pros and cons before settling on a pair of earbuds. The higher the price, the better the quality, durability, and overall performance. Compare and buy!

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8 Things to Look Out For When Buying a GYM or Office Furniture

After days of running up and down, visiting many office spaces, and searching on the internet the best ways to make your office great, you have finally come across the best that will suit your business. You rush to your favourite club, grab a bottle of champagne, and sit down comfortably thinking that everything is over, and all you need to do is rush to work tomorrow morning and comfortably sit in your office and feel ‘bossy’ having achieved everything for your business.
But then….you remember you need to buy new furniture that will blend well with your new furniture! This is the most stressing part that you had initially overlooked. For any entrepreneur, choosing the best furniture for your office is as crucial as choosing a great office where you will run your business.

People look at office furniture as just tools that make an office complete, but in reality, it the type of furniture you choose can significantly affect the profitability of your business. How? Great furniture makes employees comfortable and increases productivity. Additionally, prospective clients can be enticed by how well your office furniture looks, and this can go a long mile in boosting your sales.

office room with colourful furniture

So, how do you choose the right office furniture?

Today, there is a wide selection of office furniture available in the market. For this reason, most entrepreneurs will get comfortable and will buy the first pieces they set their eyes on without any prior research. This can be detrimental, not just for your business growth, but also because you will incur high costs replacing your furniture within a short time.

Therefore, before you majestically walk to your local furniture shop or click the “Buy Now” button in an online market, here are some things you must consider;

Office furniture

1. Budget

When starting a new business, nothing is as essential as your budget. For a fact, you want everything you buy to fit within your budget, or else you will not run your business at all, or you will not run it anyway. To avoid running into debts when buying your office furniture, ask yourself; how much will I spend on office design?
The figure that you quote will determine the type, quality, and the number of the office fixtures you will purchase. But remember, never compromise quality for the price. Have a flexible budget, since you can get a good deal for a bit more, or a bit less. Don’t go for cheap products because they will not last, and never opt for expensive ones because the word ‘expensive’ never represents quality. The rule of the thumb still applies, always go for the best that you can afford.

2. Gym or Office Space

How big is my office? This is an important question that you should ask yourself when buying your office furniture. If you have a large office and many employees, you can go ahead and purchase many working desks and chairs. Never go to the market without space in mind, since you can end up buying fixtures that will make employees too uncomfortable to work, and this might reduce productivity; thus slowing down the attainment of your business goals and objectives.

black tall sofas

3. Business Needs

What do you need the furniture for?
Keep in mind that your employees will be spending a great deal of time working every day, therefore, giving them a comfortable desk and chair is not an option. Your business needs will determine the type of furniture to buy. If you need a café-like environment where employees can easily socialize, you can purchase a large table and a few chairs. If you think a formal feel will speed up the attainment of your business goals, then buy a table with cubical dividers. Whatever your plans are, always keep your business needs at the forefront.

4. Aesthetic value

Well, office furniture is not always about work. It can make a fashion statement, and can equally say a lot about your business. Honestly, you do not want a dull environment that will make your clients feel bored whenever they come to your office, or worse still, make employees feel uncomfortable. You need something attractive, something that will give your company an excellent first impression. Therefore, never ignore aesthetic value when looking for office furniture.

5. Brand identity

What is your brand? What are your company colours?
Do not go for office furniture just for the beauty of it. Of course, you must have chosen the perfect colour (s) for your business, right? Then, you need office furniture that displays this colour to prospective clients. This will not only enhance your professionalism, but will also improve comfort, and significantly reflect your company’s culture and identity to the world.

colourful office furniture

6. Quality and functionality

These are essential aspects that you should always have in mind when looking for office furniture. You do not want a product that you will purchase today, and replace it after a few days because it failed to function as expected, or it got worn out due to poor quality. Have the right material that you need, and define the function of each item. This way, you will never go wrong in your search.

7. Cleanliness

Hygiene is critical in any workplace, and yours will not be an exception. Take this into account when buying office furniture. Do not go for materials that will show millions of stains, and prove difficult to clean. Go for those made of a material that is easy to maintain, and that will look as good as new every day. Cleanliness should be a priority, and it starts with the type of furniture you choose.

red sofas for office

8. Lastly…comfort, comfort, comfort! Can’t be stressed enough

Remember, your employees are the powerhouses of your business. They are the people that determine whether your company will move or not. Look for what will make them comfortable. This way, productivity will increase, and ultimately, profitability will be high.

PS: Comfort is not always about the material a piece of furniture is made off. You can purchase the best cubicles, but the employees want open desks where they can communicate and develop work relationships. Therefore, it is prudent also to put their recommendations into consideration when buying office furniture.
Keeping the above factors in mind will go a long way in ensuring productivity and the culture of your business is maximized. They will help you choose furniture that will equip employees with a positive mind; hence high performance and ultimately business success will be inevitable.

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High-Risk Pregnancies

The very process of making a new human being is a complicated one. And with all the pains that come along with pregnancy, there are some of us who happen to be at higher risk of health issues for the baby, or for herself.
These are called high-risk pregnancies and are typically monitored a lot closer during the whole baby-making process, to prevent any health complications for Mom or baby.
If you have been diagnosed as a high-risk pregnancy, or you fear you may have one in the future, then you should be informed on all the causes, risks, and Dos and Don’ts that come along with a high-risk pregnancy. Here are some things you should know:

1. Medical conditions

There are many different contributing factors that can cause a high-risk pregnancy. Your medical history can play a huge part. If you have any of the following conditions, then you may have a high-risk pregnancy:

  • Sickle cell anemia, or other blood disorders.
  • HIV/AIDS or other STDs.
  • Lupus.
  • Thyroid disease.
  • Type 1 or 2 diabetes.
  • Maternal age.
  • Obesity.
  • Depression and anxiety.

2. Environmental triggers

Just as there are many types of medical conditions that can cause a high-risk pregnancy, there are also outside factors to consider. If you lead an unhealthy lifestyle, via smoking cigarettes, or drinking, then you and your baby could be at higher risk, particularly if you’re doing these things while pregnant.
Other factors that can play a part in high-risk pregnancies is your surgical history, and even your genetic history.

3. Other risk factors

Even if you’re completely healthy, when you get pregnant, there is always a chance for you to develop pregnancy complications, such as preeclampsia or gestational diabetes. This risk gets higher if you are carrying multiples (twins, triplets, etc).

4. How does a High-Risk pregnancy effect my pre-natal care?

As I mentioned earlier, a high-risk pregnancy means you will be making more frequent trips to your doctor, to monitor the health and development of the mother and baby. You may also be required to be on bed rest, if your doctor deems it necessary.
All of this is dependent on your condition, and you may even be referred to a MFM (maternal-fetal medicine) doctor if your condition is more severe.

5. Promoting a healthy pregnancy

Luckily, there are ways you can reduce the chance of having a high-risk pregnancy. It is all about being prepared:
Schedule a preconception visit with your doctor. If you’re planning on getting pregnant, it’s best to talk with your doctor. Your doctor will advise you on all you need to not only get pregnant, but to maintain a healthy pregnancy.
Become well-informed on any conditions you may have. This is important, because there is no such thing as being too prepared, especially if you think you might have a high-risk pregnancy.
Get regular prenatal care. Make regular visits to your doctor to monitor yours, and your baby’s health.
Get up-to-date on any vaccinations, if you are behind on any. If you are not properly immunized, you could be susceptible to a variety of different preventable diseases that could harm yourself and your baby.
Get 400 micrograms of folic acid daily, before and during your pregnancy.
Maintain a healthy diet. Along with folic acid, your body will also need extra protein, calcium and iron. A prenatal vitamin will assist in filling in any gaps.
Stay physically active. Take daily walks, and do light work-outs at the gym.
Avoid unhealthy substances (cigarettes or alcohol). Not only can these substances be harmful to your health, they can hinder your ability to get pregnant, and do a lot of harm to your unborn child if you do get pregnant.
Gain a healthy amount of weight. Your body will need the extra weight to handle the strains of pregnancy and is beneficial to your baby’s health.
Consult with your doctor about what your ideal weight should be to support this pregnancy.

6. How does a High-Risk pregnancy effect labor?

High-risk pregnancies can result in problems during labor. Preterm labor is one of the more common risks in a high-risk pregnancy, especially if you are carrying multiples. This can happen because there could be too much amniotic fluid around the baby/babies, or other medical conditions can play a factor in preterm labor.
If your condition is too severe, your doctor may decide to induce labor, to prevent any further risks to your health, or the baby’s health. Another thing to consider is that your condition may make it risky to give birth vaginally.
If you were hoping for a home birth, or a birth at a nice birthing center, then it is highly unrecommended, or completely out of the question for a high-risk pregnancy. For safety purposes, giving birth in a hospital is a better and safer option for mom and baby.

7. Other things to consider

If you feel you may have a high-risk pregnancy, due to any pre-existing medical conditions, or genetic health risks, making an appointment with a MFM Doctor before getting pregnant could be beneficial.
MFM doctors can provide counseling, and management skills, and even predict how your condition might affect any future pregnancies. It is best to stay in constant contact with your doctors, OB/GYN or MFM or both, throughout the entire pregnancy.
As a side note, it is also important to build up a strong support system in your partner, friends and family, as depression and anxiety can influence your pregnancy.
In conclusion, high-risk pregnancies can sound incredibly scary but, with our medical technology today, it does not necessarily have to mean disaster in the future. It is important not to let the diagnosis freak you out too hard. The added stress isn’t going to be good for the baby, or for yourself.
While no one can promise you will have a successful pregnancy, being mindful and well-informed of your condition, and taking every step necessary to ensure a healthy pregnancy, can make all the difference in the world.

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The Three Seas Psychology Group

Today, there is a lot of stigmas attached to mental conditions; hence visiting a psychologist seems difficult for many people. This is because they tend to feel embarrassed about what they are going through, and they might think that seeking help from a psychologist can expose them to further humiliation; hence deciding to stay put with tons of emotional burdens on their shoulders.
Whether you are facing a major or minor issue in life, seeing a qualified psychologist is one of the wisest decision you can make if you care about your overall well-being.
Benefits of seeing a psychologist in Melbourne
Seeking support for your emotional health is as important as seeing a doctor for any other ailment. Below are some of the significant benefits you will get when you visit the best psychologist in Melbourne.
You will be able to avoid stress and move on with life like a typical human being
You will gain self-confidence and self-awareness to a higher degree
The burden of suffering in silence will be relieved since you will be given a keen year, and you will finally find someone to confide in
You will start seeing the world around you in a different dimension since positive pathways will be created
You will be presented with some options that will help in improving your quality of life

Top 5 psychologists in Melbourne

There are many practicing psychologists in Melbourne. They all market themselves as qualified professionals who will help you with any mental condition including stress, panic attacks, anxiety, depression, and many other related ailments. You, however, need to understand that all these psychologists are not equal. Lots of them don’t have the required skills to deal with particular mental conditions, not forgetting that there are also quacks who have thrived by masquerading as professionals.
This is why you need to proceed with caution when choosing a therapist for your needs. If you are stranded, and you do not know where to start, or the right professional you can trust, below is a list of the top 5 psychologists in Melbourne.

1. The Three Seas

Three seas is a clinic that brings together than most qualified psychologists in Melbourne. It is specially built to give a client the best experience, by offering maximum comfort, safety, and confidentiality. When you visit them at 118 Queen Street, you can be guaranteed that you shall not be stigmatized, and your secrets will be safe with one of the psychologists you will be assigned.
The Three Seas is known for its ability to offer solutions to the most complex issues including addiction, sleeping disorders, couple and relationship problems, self-esteem, anxiety, eating disorders, anger management, life coaching, and depression. Regardless of the problem you are facing, you will always get a workable solution here.

2. Melbourne Child Psychology

Children are the future. If they are left to suffer without anyone to talk to, they might get depressed and develop suicidal thoughts. Melbourne child psychology is a clinic with a team of child psychologists who help children feel less stressed, have more control over their lives and perform well in education and other endeavors.
All the psychologists are highly experienced, and you will be shown proof of their intensive formal training on education and development psychology.
Having assisted thousands of children, teenagers, and parents, they have achieved a reputation that is hard to beat, and this is why they make up our list of top 5 psychologists in Melbourne.
Here are a few problems they solve;
The anxiety that occurs due to social situations, learning, separation, or performance
Parenting techniques
Anger management
And many more.

3. Nexus psychology

This is an all-around psychologist who deals with children, teens, families, and couples.
Nexus psychology is widely known for offering the safest and the most comfortable counseling environment. Another factor that gives it popularity is because it does not only serve people around the CBD but also spreads its services to the six major suburbs in Melbourne.
If you need a place where you will make a friend in a psychologist and have a trustworthy person to tell everything that is happening in your life, then you need to visit nexus psychology or reach them by phone or email. You stay lest assured that you would get the quality psychological help you desire.

4. Life solutions Melbourne CBD

Whether you need solutions on issues related to depression, workplace problems, child counseling, bipolar disorder, sexual harassment, bullying, or other related issues, Life Solutions Melbourne CBD is the ideal psychologist for you.
Anita Bonollo, who is the lead psychologist in the clinic seeks to assist her clients to gain more confidence and live enjoyable lives.
What Life Solutions outstanding is the fact that it does not only offer help to people with emotional suffering, but it also hosts several workshops and programs where workers from different companies around Melbourne come to learn about stress, emotional, and conflict management.
This is a great place found at 280 street that can help you a great deal in improving your life for the better.

5. Psychology Melbourne

To wrap up our list is one of the best psychologists in Melbourne that has scooped many awards over the years of service. What sets this clinic ahead of the competition is because psychologists here develop custom solutions to meet individual needs. Additionally, you do not have to visit them so that you can get the help you need. You can reach with your psychologist via video sessions, phone calls, and chat.

If you get a referral from your doctor, you can pay up to 75% of the cost using your private insurance or medical rebates.
The above psychologists have been tested, and have proven to be some of the best you can find in Melbourne. By working with either of them, you will be on your way to living a happy and eventful life. Make sure you check the safety, comfort, and privacy that a psychologist offers before you decide to work with them. This is the only way you will ensure you are working with the best.

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Simple But Fashionable Kaftan Dresses

Summer is finally here and what better way to welcome the heat than donning a billowy ethnic kaftan dress? There’s definitely something magical about kaftan dresses. In fact, you’ll find a lot of Hollywood celebrities wearing stylish kaftans, whether they are at the beach, going shopping, or even on the red carpet! Famous actresses and fashion icons Blake Lively and Cate Blanchet have recently been photographed wearing stylish kaftans at a famous red carpet event.

If you want to wear a kaftan dress, yet you do not want to appear very showy and end up getting a lot of attention, then you better opt for a simple but fashionable kaftan dress.

All About Kaftan Dresses

Kaftans are loose garment that resembles a robe and is usually ankle length. It often comes with long and flowing sleeves. Traditionally, kaftans are worn by men from the Middle East and consist of long robes buttoned up in the front. These dresses are either made of silk and cotton. In the recent years, kaftans have become a favourite piece of beachwear among chic and fashionable women who want to cover-up while frolicking at the beach.

Nowadays, kaftan dresses are available in different styles and designs and they’re no longer just for beachwear. Depending on the style that you will go for, the dresses can be worn for both casual and formal occasions. What’s great about the kaftan is that women of all shapes and sizes can wear it. In fact, it’s a great way to hide those flabs away!

Here’s a Wiki link for more details on kaftans.

How to Look Stylish in a Kaftan Dress

Long sleeved kaftan dresses that have low V-neck are a great choice for women with bigger bust since the dress can help to make you look incredibly flattering. If you fancy a Boho-chic fashion style, wear a leather belt to cinch your kaftan. It also helps to make your waist look tiny. To complete the look, wear a pair of chic leather sandals, wide-brimmed hat and don a pair of large designer shades!

For a more formal occasion, a simple but fashionable kaftan dress would be perfect. There are simple kaftan dresses that are made from luxurious fabric like silk that look fabulous when worn at evening parties and other formal events. You can look even more seductive if you will wear those that are made from layers of sheer fabric. When wearing kaftans on formal occasions, don’t forget to wear statement jewellery pieces or a pair of elegant heels. If you want to highlight your curves, wear it with a silver or gold belt.

Kaftans on the Beach

Generally, kaftans are worn as cover-ups on the beach. Kaftan dresses made from light and breezy fabric are a great way to accessorize your swimwear. And since the dress is not a fitted garment, it can also help you to stay cool while lounging on the shore during those hot summer days.But make sure you check if the beach is safe for a swim(Beach Safety Yarra).

If you want to wear your kaftans in the beach, you better get something that’s made from natural fabric, like organic cotton. These fabrics allow your skin to breathe, thus, making you feel cooler despite the warm weather. Pair your kaftan with stylish sandals and don designer shades. Of course, don’t forget to wear a fedora as protection from the sun.

Simple and Fashionable Kaftan Tops and Tunics

Kaftans are not only available in dresses. You can get them as tops, too! Also known as tunics, these colourful kaftan tops are great for casual wear. If you’re heading to the beach, you can wear it over your swimwear or with shorts. They are available in different colours and designs, too.

If you plan to wear the kaftan tops in winter, better opt for something that’s made from thicker and warmer material. You can wear it with a pair of jeans and leather boots. On the other hand, if you plan on wearing the top in summer, then you should settle for the lighter fabric such as cotton or silk. Wear it with your shorts or swimsuits and choose something that matches with the colour and the style of your shorts or swimsuits. Don’t forget to accessorize by wearing beaded jewellery and a pair of chic sandals.

Where to Find the Most Fashionable Kaftans

Kaftans are great garments to invest for your wardrobe. These dresses are on trend regardless of the season so you can wear them anytime you want to. In Australia, there are lots of online stores that sell simple and fashionable kaftan dresses, here are some of them.

  • Kaftan Queen – this online store sells a wide variety of stylish kaftan, with an emphasis on luxurious fabrics, ranging from pure silk and the finest cotton material. The dresses are designed for utmost comfort while also maintaining exquisite style and sensual silhouettes. Most of the kaftans are of simple but fashionable design and some designs feature intricate embellishments.
  • Embellished Kaftans – this brand offers the fashionable women of Australia with a wide range of versatile kaftan dresses suitable to different lifestyles. Made from the most luxurious and skin friendly fabric, these kaftan dresses are sourced exclusively to suit the Australian climate.
  • Blue Bungalow – this online store sells a wide range of fashionable clothing and they have a great collection of kaftans, from tunics to a full dress. Their kaftans are simple yet very fashionable and you can choose from plain and colourful designs. Aside from kaftans, Blue Bungalow also sells beach accessories and stylish swimwear that can go well with your kaftan dress or top. Aside from selling online, they also have a store in Newstead Brisbane.

Aside from shopping at these online stores, another exciting way to get a great kaftan at an affordable price is when you’re traveling to exotic places like Southeast Asia, Middle East and North Africa. Simply show up at the local bazaars and you’ll surely find a wide range of stylish kaftans at very affordable prices. If you haggle well, you can even get them at almost half the price!

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