Group Personal Training

Group Personal Training just for girls in beautiful locations around Sydney's Eastern Suburbs including:

How much does it cost?

Group training costs a little more than working out by yourself at the gym, and a lot less than seeing a personal trainer. It's a nice middle ground if you don't want to have to think about your workout and find that you need someone to push you to make the most of your training time. You also won't get very far if your nutrition isn't right and we'll help you with that too.

Our most popular Membership option is our Platinum membership which is $59 per week for unlimited access to all sessions and locations (including yoga). Most of our girls train 5 times per week so this works out around $11.80 per class. We also have x1, x2 and x3 per week memberships plus casual options, here's the full list.

I'd always think to myself how on earth you could 'love' any kind of exercise but I now totally get it...

Fleur M


How it works

All you need to do is go to our timetable and sign-up for the classes you want to attend. You can pay casually or go onto a membership and then just show up on the day! Take advantage of our Introductory Offer  of just $10 for Unlimited classes at any Bottoms Up! location in your first 7 days.

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