Sophie J

What motivated you to join Bottoms Up!?

I piled on weight after travelling in Europe and then living at college. I was hitting the gym five days a week and still wasn't really seeing any results. I finally lost a few kgs with reformer Pilates but lost all of my fitness. I thought I needed a push as well as something new, and the idea of getting both on Bondi Beach was definitely a draw card!

If you hadn't you achieved what you wanted in the past with other programs, why do you think that was?

I wasn't doing the right exercises to get results, e.g. long steady runs on the treadmill or cross trainer, very limited strength training. Since starting Bottoms Up I can see that my biggest roadblock was that I wasn't pushing myself nearly as hard as I'm capable of, so the biggest difference in my training is having someone to challenge me.

What's different with Bottoms Up!?

It's fun! I actually enjoy the classes and I feel so energised and satisfied every time I finish. If I miss a class for whatever reason I feel genuinely disappointed. At the gym I was just going through the motions, but Bottoms Up is so challenging and it's always changing to keep it fresh and interesting. There's also a level of support and education that I've never had before, and I think that has been just as beneficial as the exercise itself.

How long have you been training and what kind of results have you achieved?

I've been training steadily for about 7 months I think. My weight on the scales dropped almost 6kg (though it crept back on a little over Christmas!). For me though, that's the least of my achievements. The last time I bought jeans they were size 11, now I'm wearing size 8. Yay!  In recent years I've had problems with fatigue but I'm always full of beans after class. I think that's also relevant to my diet, which I've turned on its head using the nutritional advice provided by Libby. I happily think of it as a "lifestyle" rather than "diet". It has helped me shed loads of tummy fat - my abs are starting to peek through! As well as that I've just really toned up. Thighs are still a bit wobbly, but I'm working on it!  Oh, and never had more compliments in my life :)

What would you say to someone considering joining Bottoms Up!?

On a regular basis I DO tell people that it will give them a huge increase in energy, fitness, tone and motivation. It gives you a more positive outlook and greater confidence, and we work out in the most beautiful ""gym"" in the world - there's nothing better than starting your day at the beach. That said, the number one thing I emphasise is how great our trainers are! I definitely couldn't have kept this up if I hated the kinds of exercise we do, or if the trainers were unenthusiastic or mean. It also makes such a difference being Sophie rather than a face in the crowd (as lame as that sounds!)