Martine P

What motivated you to join Bottoms Up!?
I had been wanting to up the ante on my fitness training and felt I needed not only some extra motivation from someone pushing me, but a different style of exercise.  I also love the outdoors and couldn't bear to be locked up in a gym, so Bottoms Up was a perfect solution!

If you hadn't you achieved what you wanted in the past with other programs, why do you think that was?
I get bored with fitness easily and like to keep it interesting.  Bottoms Up! does just that with different themed work outs month to month and new exercise combinations every day which keeps me interested and working towards my goals.

What's different with Bottoms Up!?
The coaches, Libby and Ali are amazing.  Fun, fit and hard but fair. And the group of girls that train are great - we are all like minded women set out to achieving our fitness goals in the beautiful surrounds of Sydney!

How long have you been training and what kind of results have you achieved?
I definitely have increased energy as a result of the Bottoms Up! training, and have certainly noticed a change in my shape.  The shape change I put down to muscle tone and have noticed this mostly on my arms, chest and upper legs.  As a result, confidence has increased a great deal, and I feel fantastic in my clothes and am happy and smiling every minute of the day!

What would you say to someone considering joining Bottoms Up!?
Do it.  Once you come along to a few sessions you'll absolutely fall in love with it - reaping the rewards of a happy disposition, toned and healthy body, and a lot of fun at the training sessions.