Louise C

What motivated you to join Bottoms Up!?

As I’m (a little) over 30 now I thought it was time I got fit and healthy. Before joining Bottoms up, I had never done any form of exercise for a sustained period of time (apart from enforced exercise at school!) The prospect of not wheezing whilst climbing stairs/ hills gave me a big push as well!

If you hadn't you achieved what you wanted in the past with other programs, why do you think that was?

I just haven’t enjoyed anything enough to stick to it longer than a few weeks before, as I tend to just get bored and lose interest. I never thought I could actually enjoy exercise, but Bottoms up changed my mind completely. The more I go the more I enjoy it, a very new concept for me! 

What's different with Bottoms Up!?

I was pretty nervous at first starting in a group with such a low fitness level, but Libby couldn’t have made me feel more welcome and motivated. Being in a group environment really helps push you on. Plus I can’t think of a better place to exercise than in the park by the water!  

How long have you been training and what kind of results have you achieved?

I have now been training now for just over 5 months, I have lost around 5 kilos in weight in that time and most importantly I feel I have changed my body shape. The early morning starts are hard for the few seconds when alarm goes off but I can honestly say that on the mornings I get up early to train are the days I have the most energy that day/ night. 

What would you say to someone considering joining Bottoms Up!?

I can’t recommend Bottoms Up enough; I never thought that I would stick to something and actually enjoy exercise. Libby and Ali are excellent at motivating you and getting the most out of those 45 minutes. Plus with Yoga classes as well now, it’s amazing value for what I get out of it.