Bondi Bootcamp For Girls

Fun, social fitness just for girls right on Bondi Beach! No more slogging it out on the treadmill by yourself in a dingy gym, come and workout in nature with a beautiful bunch of lovely ladies.



What kind of training do we do?

If you want to get results from your training, you really need variety. That’s why we mix it up, incorporating a whole range of different types of exercise. In our Group Outdoor Fitness sessions this includes cardio, boxing, free weights, yoga, and specific sessions to target stubborn body parts like our signature “Ass and Abs” workouts! Not only does this make exercise even more fun, it really keeps your body guessing which is the best way to avoid a plateau with your results.

You also need to work with intensity. You may well be wasting the hours you spend on the treadmill if you’re going at a slow steady pace. Interval based training is proven to achieve better and faster results which is why it’s at the core of our training philosophy.


Where to find us

  • Beach sessions are on the sand 100m South of the Surf Guard Tower.
  • Grass sessions are on the lawn 100m South of the Surf Guard Tower behind the car park. PLEASE NOTE: due to Council works we’re temporarily training behind Bondi Pavilion.


Bottoms Up! Fitness Bondi (Beach)


Bottoms Up! Fitness Bondi (TEMPORARY GRASS)


Bottoms Up! Fitness Bondi (Grass)



How much does it cost?

Group training costs a little more than working out by yourself at the gym, and a lot less than seeing a personal trainer. It’s a nice middle ground if you don’t want to have to think about your workout and find that you need someone to push you to make the most of your training time. We also help you with your nutrition which is where most of your improvements will come from.

Our most popular Membership option is our Platinum membership which is $59 per week for unlimited access to all sessions and locations (including yoga). Most of our girls train 5 times per week so this works out around $11.80 per class. We also have x2 and x3 per week memberships plus casual options, here’s the full price list.

To get started though, just go for our Introductory Offer of just $10 for one week of Unlimited classes.


How it works

All you need to do is go to our timetable and sign-up for the classes you want to attend. Make sure to take advantage of our Introductory Offer of just $10 for Unlimited classes at any Bottoms Up! location in your first 7 days.


Contact Details

Phone Number
02 8004 5311

Office Hours
Mon to Fri 9am - 5pm

Registered Office
Next Realm Pty Ltd
164 Bondi Rd
Bondi NSW 2026

451 2336 1704

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