The Latest In High Tech Fitness

By Libby Babet on 7 July 2015
We’re used to blaming technology for making us less active but now there are just as many gadgets, accessories and fitness apps ready to get you moving as there are computers, TVs and video games tempting you to sit on your butt. We typically care a lot more about awesome sunrises, easy recipes, great ... [more]

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Want to look your best on your big day? Do these 6 things…

By Cassey Miller on 29 June 2015
In case you haven't heard, we've spent the past 6 months beavering away at a new online wedding fitness program at that covers your health, body and skin goals in the lead up to the big day. Whether you're getting ready for the biggest event of your life (like getting married) or just a ... [more]

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Ready to get SuperToned?

By Libby Babet on 22 June 2015
This week we bring you a home workout you can do absolutely anywhere, in real time, complete with its own motivating soundtrack! Just press play on your computer or smart phone screen, or even better hook it up to your TV and get your daily sweat session in right then and there, with me by your side ... [more]

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Buddy Workouts & Our 40-Day Challenge

By Alicia Beveridge on 15 June 2015
So, it’s Winter and a little harder to get (and keep) yourself fit-enthused. We get it! The solution? Find a fitness-loving friend who’ll motivate you through the next 12 weeks. All you need is a workout worth getting off the couch for. Today we dish up the best “fit dates” for all the different ... [more]

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How To Kick The Winter Blues

By Alicia Beveridge on 9 June 2015
You all know Summer bodies are made in Winter, right? It may feel like the chilly season has only just begun but guess what? We only rug up for about 10 weeks each year – and that means if you start getting lazy now, it’s gonna be one BIG task to get your fitness and body back on track when the ... [more]

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