Postnatal Fitness – Easing Back Into Movement

By Nadine Veverka on 6 October 2015
So, you actually brought a new human into the world?! Apart from feeling a little (or a lot) sleepy as a result of caring for bub 24/7, chances are you’re feeling great and beyond ready to get back in to it, right? In fact, you’re probably pulling on your joggers as you read this! Postnatal women ... [more]

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Bikini Prep Workout

By Libby Babet on 1 October 2015
Today we are giving you a sneak peek at one of the workouts from our six week online body transformation program, BUF Body (next round starts Monday!). Every Tuesday of the program there is a focus on core and cardio. And lets be honest, it’s starting to heat up so bikini shopping is just around the ... [more]

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Naughty Afternoon Treats Made Healthy

By Nadine Veverka on 24 September 2015
We’re pretty spoilt at BUF HQ because one of our teammates is baking goddess and I Quit Sugar expert, Nadine Veverka. She is continually transforming unhealthy treats into angelic and healthy snacks for us and today, we’ll share a few of them with you. Invite your girlfriends around one afternoon ... [more]

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How Trainers Spoil Themselves (hint: it’s not always chocolate!)

By Libby Babet on 14 September 2015
... [more]

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9 Foods Trainers Avoid and Why

By Libby Babet on 1 September 2015
... [more]

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