Impress your Valentine with the perfect date!

By Libby Babet on 9 February 2016
Are you dating a sci-fi fan, jock, socialite, outdoorsy type, skater boy, gym junkie, or travel addict? Once you’ve nailed your man’s personality type, the only question remaining is whether you’re ready to rock his socks and score some serious brownie points! Everyone knows how to book dinner ... [more]

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Ditch Booze For Feb Fast With These Guilt Free Cocktails

By Alicia Beveridge on 2 February 2016
This month, the BUF Girls are taking on Feb Fast; an annual challenge that has us ditching booze – or any other bad habit of choice - for a month to raise money for the Youth Support and Advocacy Service (YSAS). All we can say is, although we’ll be raising as much money as possible for the YSAS ... [more]

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Can You Get Fit In 10 Minutes A Day?

By Libby Babet on 28 January 2016
When it comes to cooking, I’m a “no more than four ingredients and three steps puh-lease!” kinda girl, so I totally get the obsession with 5-10 minute workouts. I mean, what’s not to love? Get fit. In ten minutes a day. Body becomes awesome. Health is sorted. Can now eat chocolate guilt-free. It’s ... [more]

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5 Super Easy Breakfast Ideas

By Libby Babet on 19 January 2016
Do you find it tough to make time for a good breakfast in the morning, but then end up starving at your desk with no healthy options in sight? Try our 5 super simple, healthy ideas for breakfasts you can either eat quickly at home, or bundle up and bring with you to work, or wherever else you’re hurrying ... [more]

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Your Summer Detox Starts Feb 1

By Libby Babet on 12 January 2016
OK girls, we need your help to create something pretty special. Round up your best friends, sisters, work colleagues and even your distant cousins, because the next group intake of our 6-week online transformation program for women, BUF Body, starts on February 1st - the only round for the rest of the ... [more]

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