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10 Minute Bedroom Workout!

by Libby Babet 16. August 2012 11:17

We all have those days when we just can’t be bothered to get up for training, right? The house is just too warm… and that lycra just looks a bit too hard to slip on… Well, the good news is that just 10 minutes of bodyweight work in your bedroom is enough to get your metabolism fired up for the day and your body burning through fat with minimal effort, before you even set foot in the shower!


Here’s my favourite, super simple, no excuses workout:


1 – Get out from under the covers… you can do it!

2 – Jog lightly on the spot for 30 seconds, then bounce lightly and the spot for 30 seconds

3 – Spend 60 seconds alternating between 10 x high knees on the spot and 10 x mountain climbers

4 – Perform 20 x bodyweight squats, bringing your butt down low enough to be in line with your knees

5 – Next, it’s 20 x jump squats

6 – Then 20 x pushups, making sure your chest comes close to the ground with each repetition

7 – Straight away, hold plank and count to 20

8 – Stand next to your bed, stand on your right leg and prop your left leg up on the bed behind you (or a chair if your bed’s too high!). Do 20 x 1-leg squats

9 – Repeat on the other leg

10 – Sit on the edge of your bed, pop your hands next to your bottom. Now move your body slightly forward off the side of the bed and dip yourself down to perform a tricep dip. Continue until you’ve done 20 reps. You could also perform tricep pushups or diamond pushups here instead of tricep dips

11 – Stand up and do 10 x burpees, then 10 x lunge jumps

12 – Go back to your warm-up drill of 10 x high knees and 10 x mountain climbers for 1 minute, this time with greater intensity

13 – If you’ve still got some energy, repeat all the above exercises again!

14 – Have a stretch in the shower and smile – you’ve managed to get a little exercise in, boost your metabolism and earn your brekky, all without leaving your room, WIN!



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