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Ready To Shed Some Kilos? Read This First!

by Libby Babet 7. June 2012 17:09


It's all very well us telling you HOW to lose weight.

Sure, what to eat, how to move and why you should kick your daily wine habit are all important topics, but a discussion often bypassed is what to expect "when you're expecting"... to lose weight, that is!

The newest addition to the BUF training team started out as a client herself - a girl with more than just a handful of kilos to lose!

Here, the very inspirational Abby Johns, a BUF client-turned-trainer, shares her story about the hormonal, metabolic and other physical changes you can expect when you are just starting out on your weight loss journey.


Let me tell you a little secret. Unlike many of my amazing fellow trainers, I haven’t always been passionate about fitness and health. 

In fact, rewind back to 2007 and the person standing before you looked vastly different to the person you see now, an extra 20kgs different! Throughout my weight loss journey, I went through many changes but didn’t know what was happening or how I could embrace them.

Now, if you’re a beginner and have 20kgs+ to lose, or even just those last few, pesky 5kgs, you will absolutely start to notice other changes, besides the dropping numbers on the scales and extra room in your jeans.

There are hormonal and metabolic changes to deal with, to name but a few! Here a couple of the insights I learnt along the way, for all of you out there who may be just starting to scratch the surface of your health and fitness journey!


What to expect when you’re expecting… to lose!


Feeling good about yourself takes some getting used to!

I’m serious! Think about it - months of trying on clothes that used to fit you and are now too tight can make you feel blue, looking at those holiday snaps (you know the ones that motivated you to change in the first place) will definitely make you feel blue… and trying to get up enough courage to tell a trainer/nutritionist/etc that you need help, well, that can be hard.

Add all these tough times up and guess what, you end up with a pretty poor picture of yourself. Then suddenly, you start to see real results and let yourself think, “Hey! This might just work!!”

What’s that feeling you’re experiencing? It’s happiness! Remember that!? It might feel a little strange at first, you may not feel worthy of it and perhaps you even feel a little guilty when you look in the mirror and think, "I look good!"

Well don’t feel guilty about these feelings and thoughts, relish them! By accepting the new you and celebrating the changes in your body, you're more likely to see training and your new lifestyle in a positive light and stick to the game plan for good, kicking your old yo-yo habits to the curb. Commit to your new lifestyle and tell yourself you deserve to be happy and comfortable and the weight should stay away for good!

Tip: keep that seratonin (your happy hormone) flooding in by eating a colourful diet full of fruits and veggies each day, along with healthy fats from lean, organic meat, fish and nuts/avocado, as well as complex wholegrains, like brown rice, quinoa and plain oats.

Celebrate your achievements, no matter how small. They are huge accomplishments to you!

Even if it’s just a little private “yippee”, or a high-five between you and your partner/bestie/trainer, celebrate each and every milestone and all the mini successes in between.

Why? Because you need those little wins to stay focused and really drive home the fact that YES you are winning and YES you can reach your goals… and YES you are amazing!! In fact, we’d like to stop here and tell you that if you are reading this, that in itself is an accomplishment and yes, YOU ROCK!

An awesome way to celebrate your success is to book an activity you’ve always wanted to do but made every excuse under the sun not to actually do because of fear of failure, being too heavy, etc.

For me, that activity was was scuba diving. I’d always wanted to have a go but hadn’t even snorkeled before! I’d had a fear of the unknown and used my mild asthma as a massive excuse not to do it.

SO in April of 2011 I took the challenge and booked myself into a PADI course, completed it, loved it and haven’t looked back since. Massive pat on the back for that one.

As your confidence grows & energy levels rise, have a little conversation with yourself about a goal or hobby you’ve always wanted to try but didn’t. Then …BOOK IT! Make yourself accountable and get it done. It’s a HUGE boost to the soul and really hammers home just WHY you've been putting in all that effort to get healthy. 

Y'know... so you can really live and experience life.


Don't be afraid to ask for help... and make sure you take things slowly!

Something you may not have been aware of is that as you get fitter, your metabolic rate (energy) rises. Chemical reactions at a cellular level are in charge of energy production and are responsible for cell renewal & tissue repair, amongst other things. Eating the right foods and increasing your activity levels enables your body to really take things up a notch and the end result is a booming metabolism and increased energy!!

Sounds good, right?

At the end of the day, think like a deep sea diver (stay with me)... reaching your goal is a gradual process (much like gradually falling deeper into the ocean). If you launch into things too quickly, without help, just closing your eyes and diving right on down there, you might find yourself in pain and fearful, have a little panic and shoot back to the start.

But if you take things nice and slowly, inching yourself down into dark water with a great instructor by your side and breathing slowly as you go, well, sure you might still experience a tiny bit of fear and worry, but you’ll absolutely reach your goal (diver reaches the barrier reef, for example) and then there is SO much to see and do and explore - a whole new world that’s opened up just waiting for you to come and say hi!

If you’ve been reading our blogs but have been too afraid to come along to a session, now is the time. We’ve all been beginners at some point and we’d love to help you reach your goals!



Abby XOX

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