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Winter Training Gear We Can't Live Without!

by Libby Babet 21. May 2012 18:24

As trainers, we're often asked how we survive all the 5am starts in winter, despite the brisk wind and teeny temperatures. Well, here are the 5 winter training items we can’t live without now that the mercury has officially fallen!

  1. A technical under layer, ideally made from breathable merino wool, like those from Icebreaker or I/O Merino. These heat you up when it’s chilly and cool you down when you start to sweat. They’re lightweight, don’t smell (even after many sweater-clad long runs), slip smoothly under any jumper and will last forever.
  2. A pair of thin, breathable, flexible gloves to keep your fingers toasty while allowing for movement and agility – so you can still swing those kettlebells high while training by the beach at 5am, without recoiling from the cold iron handles. We love Lululemon Brisk Run Gloves – mostly because they have touchscreen-friendly finger tips. Handy!
  3. Something to cover your head – or at least your ears! A good quality beanie, hat or headband that covers the points of your ears (which get cold easily!) and is made from a wicking fabric to ensure breathability is perfect. Find one at your local adventure/camping store.
  4. Don’t laugh but… a puffer jacket is the ultimate winter training accessory - especially important for the trainer or coach, who’s not moving quite as swiftly as their clients/team and is therefore a little more prone to freezing his-or-her butt off! A puffer jacket may look a little, erm, puffy… but it will be your best friend in winter if you’re the outdoorsy type! Nike do an awesome and not-too-puffy version for less than $100 at Rebel Sport... but what we'd really love is this Stella McCartney beauty!
  5. Longer, thicker tights… but still flexible and comfy! We love Lululemon’s Wunder Under Pant. Thick, luxe, soft material that keeps you warm and comfy in the great outdoors but doesn’t add bulk. Perfect for helping to maintain peachy-and-perky buttocks over the winter!

Still need more comfort? A pair of merino wool socks will keep your toes toasty, while wicking moisture and chasing away blisters too. We love Icebreaker Ultralites.

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