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The Importance of a Support Network

by Libby Babet 21. October 2011 20:25

Ali's Friday Funday Blog Post...

Woah! So much has happened at BUF over the past week and we’re really sprinting into the summer season. Bikini bodies in check.

Thinking back over the past 6 days - the rollercoaster week that was - has once again got us thinking about the undeniable importance of a good support network. This week, while the world tried to prove its point to us via 5am-10pm work schedules, dislocated knees, farewelling family as they took off on overseas adventures, speaking at an industry evening (about women and all things BUF!) and prepping for our Bondi Breakfast debut on Sunday morning, we’re at the end of the week and more than anything, we're pretty relieved and thankful we’ve had such great support networks to get us through.

Creating a network of people around you that support your goals means you get a hand up when you fall down... and assures you keep yourself in check when you know the pressure's on to hold it together for someone else.

The latest research shows that for girls to keep motivated with the general bump and grind of a consistent training regime, the key is variety, intensity and... a training partner (or two!)

So as summer approaches, have a think about your training goals and who’s on board with you. If you're feeling like you're really slogging it hard alone, try to find a friend at class and agree to make each other accountable for showing up and doing the hard work when you get there.

Or perhaps it’s time to ask a girlfriend, “could you hold my hand and skip to class with me?”. Maybe you’ll be the beginning of their support network too…


Ali xx

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