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Ready To Shed Some Kilos? Read This First!

by Libby Babet 7. June 2012 17:09
A BUF client-turned-trainer shares her weight-loss story and gives us an insight into the hormonal, metabolic and other physical changes to expect when you're just starting out on your weight loss journey. [More]

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Nasty Health Habits We Share With Celebs!

by Libby Babet 17. April 2012 16:40
We’ve all got a few nasty health skeletons in our closet, including celebs! Read on to find out what your fave A-listers struggle with and our tips on how to kick your own bad habits to the curb. [More]

My BIG Cereal Experiment

by Libby Babet 1. November 2011 17:53
Is cereal a health food that will help you fight fat, or an unnecessary indulgence that will have you packing on the kilos? With so much debate out there on the topic, we conducted our own experiment! [More]

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Soy Is Bad For You (yep, we really did just say that!)

by Libby Babet 13. October 2011 12:42
Women (and these day lots of men too) LOVE soy milk. It tastes good, leaves you less bloated and sounds sooooo hippy-cool to order at that trendy little vegan café down the street. BUT be warned, there are plenty of reasons you might want to reconsider ordering that next Soy Latte! Here, we explore why… [More]

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How To Be A Polite Food Snob

by Libby Babet 29. September 2011 08:20
For a fitness trainer and health food junkie, Sydney is quite the perfect playground - there are organic and wildcrafting stores on every second corner, endless gluten free meal choices at most restaurants, a brunch culture that makes raw broccoli salad and dandelion lattes seem perfectly everyday choices and a health conscious crowd that won't bat an eyelid when you tell them you don't "do" bread or milk.

This week I've been home in Queensland, welcoming my sister back from a few years spent traveling the globe. Here, suddenly my regular food choices seem not only a little snobbish but also hopelessly out of reach... [More]

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