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How 'The Voice' Inspired Us To Ditch Sweets After Dinner!

by Libby Babet 15. May 2012 11:24
Lusting after sweets by the time you're halfway through lunch? So are the judges from 'The Voice'! Here's what might be triggering your post-meal sweet cravings and how to get on top of them for good. [More]

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Detoxing In Autumn Is Smart! Here's why...

by Libby Babet 8. May 2012 12:35
We’re all great at getting our detox on in spring, perhaps thanks to the looming threat of bikini weather! But there’s another time of year that’s perfect for detoxing and we’re right smack-bang in the middle of it! [More]

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Nasty Health Habits We Share With Celebs!

by Libby Babet 17. April 2012 16:40
We’ve all got a few nasty health skeletons in our closet, including celebs! Read on to find out what your fave A-listers struggle with and our tips on how to kick your own bad habits to the curb. [More]

Are Carbs Killing You?

by Libby Babet 3. April 2012 20:56
This controversial poster will get your mind ticking! We sure do love a good Carbs vs Fats debate. [More]

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Our Easiest Healthy Recipe Swaps!

by Libby Babet 20. March 2012 15:54
These seven guilt-free recipe swaps for some of your old favourites will have you indulging in your favourite pizza and pasta recipes again. Pizza base made from cauliflower? You'd better believe it! [More]

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