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Nasty Health Habits We Share With Celebs!

by Libby Babet 17. April 2012 16:40
We’ve all got a few nasty health skeletons in our closet, including celebs! Read on to find out what your fave A-listers struggle with and our tips on how to kick your own bad habits to the curb. [More]

Better Sleep = Less Fat

by Libby Babet 28. February 2012 18:10
Being sleep deprived can upset your hormone balance and encourage your body to store more fat. If you want to make it easier for your bod to shift those last few pesky kilos... here's how. [More]

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Michelle Bridges VS Normal (BUF) Girls!

by Libby Babet 21. February 2012 18:18
Do you really need to do everything a celebrity trainer does just to stay in shape? We check out Michelle Bridges Top 10 Fitness Secrets and compare them to our own daily routines and beliefs! [More]

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Surviving The Holiday Season (with your health intact...)

by Libby Babet 19. December 2011 19:40
Our top tips for avoiding holiday weight gain and making sure you’re ready to greet 2012 with plenty of energy, full health and glowing skin! [More]

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Top Tips for long, lleeaaannn legs!

by Libby Babet 8. December 2011 08:14
This article is not for the girls with naturally lean legs – it’s for those of you who have struggled to change the shape of your lower body for months, years, maybe ever since puberty hit! [More]

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