5 Tips To Stay Lean On Holidays

Holidays are critical to your health. Yep, CRITICAL! Your body needs time to relax and unwind, the chance to catch up on sleep and rebalance. As for your mind, an opportunity to stop ‘buzzing’ is priceless. Let’s be honest though, … Continued

Are These The Easiest Muffins EVER!?

Want a muffin recipe that makes you look like a baking Goddess, without actually having to be one… even a little bit? This is the FINAL week of our online BUF Bikini Bod program, which was packed full of super … Continued

How To Make The Most Of Your Day Off

Ever really REALLY looked forward to a day off, just to spend most of it feeling guilty, not knowing what to do with yourself, or getting sucked into stuff you just don’t… wanna… do? This time of year, life gets … Continued

Two Flat Abs Workouts

Flat abs start in the kitchen, but how do you train for ‘em? Resistance training is a must, but interval cardio and core toning sequences are high up on the list too and seeing as it’s the last week of … Continued

Why Sugar is Nasty!

If you’re doing the BUF Bikini program, you’ll know that this week is all about sugar! This is a really important topic so we wanted to make sure every single one of our BUF Girls understands the basics. You see, we … Continued

Fusion Fitness: Reshape Your Workout

Hybrid workouts are all the craze at the moment and we know why. Rolling two workouts into one means you get bang for your buck, score a more holistic workout and chase away boredom while you’re at it.

4 Rules For A Bod You Love!

Over the past four years, we’ve come to realise there are four important things when it comes to getting your bod – and attitude in its best bikini-ready shape ever. Today we thought we’d share them with you in a … Continued

7 Pillars of Awesome Abs!

Calling all the BUF ladies out there – it’s nearly bikini season and we’re getting just a little bit excited here at BUF HQ because it’s less than a month before our BIGGEST program of the year, BUF Bikini Bod, … Continued