Are You Sexy or Strong?

Guess what? You are both! You are also… active, adventurous, authentic, awesome, beautiful, brave, sporty, courageous, sassy, kind, caring and so much more. A BUF Girl’s got to celebrate every aspect of what makes her who she is, right? When … Continued

Top 10 Rules For Better Skin In 14 Days

I actually have a term for the crappy mood bad skin puts me in. I call it, “Pimp’ ‘Tude” (as in, attitude that comes from the presence of pimples), because those angry red spots are just about the only thing … Continued

Your BUF Girl Weekly Workout Planner

Ever feel confused about what your perfect week of training should look like? What should you be doing? Should you workout every single day? How intensely? And should you be doing more weights, cardio, or yoga? First up, lets just address … Continued

How We Get Your Bottoms Up!

Ok… so we’re known for creating kooky class names and ever changing sessions to keep things fresh and fun, but sometimes that means we confuse you all just a tiny bit! If you’re new to BUF or following our workouts from afar, you … Continued

Join us at Wanderlust this weekend!

OK let’s admit it, we’ve all kinda outgrown the Big Day Out and Parklife, right? In fact these days, even at the more grown up festivals, the bits we look forward to most (if they’re offered) are the odd yoga … Continued

What’s Your Resolution?

Everyone makes a few cheeky resolutions in the New Year but we all know the time they should really kick in is after the Australia Day long weekend… February is when things get serious! You just know this will be your … Continued