Fusion Fitness: Reshape Your Workout

Hybrid workouts are all the craze at the moment and we know why. Rolling two workouts into one means you get bang for your buck, score a more holistic workout and chase away boredom while you’re at it.

4 Rules For A Bod You Love!

Over the past four years, we’ve come to realise there are four important things when it comes to getting your bod – and attitude in its best bikini-ready shape ever. Today we thought we’d share them with you in a … Continued

7 Pillars of Awesome Abs!

Calling all the BUF ladies out there – it’s nearly bikini season and we’re getting just a little bit excited here at BUF HQ because it’s less than a month before our BIGGEST program of the year, BUF Bikini Bod, … Continued

Are you a Wonder Woman?

The #BUFgirls are super excited this week – it’s our 4th birthday bash this Friday! We’re celebrating all the inspiring women in our lives in true Bottoms Up! Fitness style – by hitting the sand of Bondi Beach with a … Continued

6 Questions For 2 Inspirational Women

This is happening girls! Soulful Sundays is back and we’ve assembled two seriously inspirational ladies to take the stage – sought after local yogi, Persia Rutchinski and The Holistic Nutritionist & I Quit Sugar coach herself, Kate Callaghan. The girls’ … Continued


When it comes to food, the Bottoms Up trainers are more than a little in love with the humble ol’ egg. Whole eggs are among the most nutritious foods on the planet, containing a little bit of almost every single … Continued

Breathe Better, Run Faster!

Ever find yourself out of breath during the first few minutes of a cardio workout? If you – like me – train consistently and think you should be fit enough to run further than you actually can without falling in … Continued