What’s Your Resolution?

Everyone makes a few cheeky resolutions in the New Year but we all know the time they should really kick in is after the Australia Day long weekend… February is when things get serious! You just know this will be your … Continued

Top Fitness Trends For 2015

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7 Nutrition Tips For Resolution Success!

Who else made a health resolution this year and wants the most bang for their buck when it comes to choosing the right foods for their bod? With so many awesome options on the table and thousands of opinions flooding the web, a gal’s got her work cut out for her deciding just which of the latest super foods and super trends will give her the best results, in the shortest amount of time.

The A to Z of a Very BUF Year!

The BUF girls always try and live by the motto, “write it on your heart that every day is the best day of the year”. We believe every sunrise holds promise and every sunset brings peace and a chance for … Continued

Christmas Eve Workout!

Merry Christmas to all our BUF girls and a big thank you for an amazing year, filled with fun, fitness, wellbeing and friendship. We hope family time and lots of scrumptious food is on the cards for you all this … Continued

5 Tips To Stay Lean On Holidays

Holidays are critical to your health. Yep, CRITICAL! Your body needs time to relax and unwind, the chance to catch up on sleep and rebalance. As for your mind, an opportunity to stop ‘buzzing’ is priceless. Let’s be honest though, … Continued

Are These The Easiest Muffins EVER!?

Want a muffin recipe that makes you look like a baking Goddess, without actually having to be one… even a little bit? This is the FINAL week of our online BUF Bikini Bod program, which was packed full of super … Continued

How To Make The Most Of Your Day Off

Ever really REALLY looked forward to a day off, just to spend most of it feeling guilty, not knowing what to do with yourself, or getting sucked into stuff you just don’t… wanna… do? This time of year, life gets … Continued