Company Overview

Bottoms Up! Fitness was founded in September 2010 by Libby Babet who had the goal of making exercise a fun, social experience that not only got great results, but provided a non threatening, easy going and accessible environment for all women. Today our mission is simple, we're here to provide health and fitness education that empowers women and inspires happy and healthy communities.

The key to achieving your health and fitness goals is consistency, and making exercise fun goes a long way to ensuring our girls are motivated to jump out of bed in the morning and head down to the beach or park for a great start to the day, or to charge through their afternoons so they can catch a session after work. Our aim is to make exercise the one thing our girls look forward to most in their week. 

Perhaps even more importantly, there is so much misinformation and contradiction around fitness and nutrition, so we're on a mission to re-educate women on the scientific facts that are proven to achieve long lasting, healthy results.

Our other associated businesses are our online Health and Fitness Magazine, Bottoms Up! Health and our indoor studio for men and women on Bondi Rd, AGOGA.

Our Training Philosophy

  • High intensity workouts are best. Why? Because it's been proven to be the best way to get results! Think of it like an aeroplane... it takes a LOT more fuel to take off than it does to cruise at altitude. In the same way, it burns a lot more calories and builds better fitness to work with intensity than it does to do, for example, a long, slow jog. 
  • It's very important to keep your body guessing. The human body is highly adaptable which means your results will quickly plateau if you only do one type of exercise. 
  • Girls are different - different goals, different physiology - and therefore it's really important (especially in a group environment) to do the right kind of exercises for a woman's body.
  • Exercise is only part of the story. Without the right eating habits you'll find it very difficult to look and feel great.
  • Exercise should be fun. Consistency is the key to achieving your goals and will power alone only gets you so far. It's really important to create a positive association with exercise in your mind so that it becomes something you look forward to - this will help you build healthy habits.

The group personal training sessions we do are a mix of cardio, functional movement, boxing and free weights, to really keep your body guessing. Weights are important too because we need to build a little lean muscle in order to help our bodies burn more fat when we're not exercising. But don't worry, it's not the kind of program where you'll bulk up - our workouts are designed specifically for women and target the problem areas of our bodies (yes, it is possible!), helping us to develop long, lean, healthy bodies. We also provide Yoga to keep your muscles long and flexible and your mind calm, fresh and focused. 

All sessions are designed to be loads of fun, so you will actually enjoy yourself and find it easier to stick with it (no more gym memberships you never actually use!). When combined with the right nutrition advice we have a proven formula to achieve amazing results in a short period of time.

Our Customer Service Philosophy

One of our core values is to provide exceptional, personalised customer service. Really our aim is to provide a personal training experience, within a group training environment. This means plenty of trainers at all classes for that personal touch and plenty of contact outside of training, whether that be additional training programs and advice or detailed nutritional plans, we've got you covered.

Libby's Personal Story

"My personal journey into the world of health and fitness began when I was very young, but it took on a whole new meaning for me when I suffered from a virus that resulted in years of health complications, including chronic high blood pressure - when this first appeared my blood pressure was over 3 times safe levels! 

Since then I've gone beyond exercising for the sake of 'keeping fit' and have conducted exhaustive research into the female body. This has included talking to countless western and eastern specialists and I have built the foundations of what I believe to be a comprehensive perspective on health, fitness and nutrition. 

I'm over the moon to say that through understanding my own unique body composition, I've changed the way I eat and the way I exercise, which, after years of trying different things, has meant I no longer need any blood pressure medication (Doctors tell me this is exceptionally rare). 

I'm not saying I can solve your problems too, but I can say that I am exceptionally passionate about the positive impact that diet and exercise can have in our lives - whether physical, mental or life changing like it has been for me. I hope that I can share my passion with you."

- Libby Babet, Founder of Bottoms Up!     

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